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Pretty much everyone has lost something of real meaning to them this year; some more than others. For many it has been their job or a career opportunity, for some it has been their business and for others sadly they have lost a loved one.

With so much recent loss for all of us in the same period of time it’s important to balance these emotions and remember the simple things that you can be grateful for when times are tough. I usually only reflect on one or two of these things when I need to but if you start to think about it there are so many things to be thankful for.

Family and friends, health, a roof over your head and a warm home. A long walk in the park, good food in the cupboard, access to the internet and plenty of drinking water (did you know that around 780 million people lack access to safe drinking water).

When you start to jot down all the things that you are truly thankful for you begin to quickly gain some real perspective. I have found doing this at the start of the day really perks me up, shifts any negative thoughts to good ones and generally lifts my spirits!

It also helps me find ways to clarify and focus on what’s most important to me. It’s a simple, powerful and positive way to spend five minutes.

Graham Townley, Founder & Chief Evangelist

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Pretty much everyone has lost something of real meaning to them this year;

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