It’s Time To Change Our Mindsets.

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It’s just a fact that there won’t be as much money around for the next year or so and that’s ok. Most businesses particularly in the hospitality and recruitment industry will be trading less than before.

This obviously has an impact on labour costs, salaries, budgets and investment. It’s time to start creating goals beyond money, chasing money is a futile journey that only leads us to stress and perpetual frustration.

In this climate I would suggest not to dismiss roles based on the salary. Many businesses don’t have the same budgets to pay pre-covid salaries though they still need the same if not better people in their business to get through this challenging time.

Think long term and shift your focus to the companies values, their vision, their brand, their product, their reputation and of course their people and culture. This is a temporary set back, goodwill and passion is how we should be measuring our goals and successes at the moment.

Start with this as this your priority and you will get a lot more satisfaction from your life and career. If you are truly passionate about you do in your career you will find a way.

Graham Townley, Founder & Chief Evangelist

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