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I launched my new agency 2 weeks ago today and secured my third client yesterday.

All of this month from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to bed everything I have done has been connected to the business at some level and I absolutely love it. One thing I am certain of, even though the economy has changed the people in our industry most definitely have not.

I must have visited six different cafes, restaurants and bars yesterday and yes some of them weren’t as busy though the staff were super friendly, noticeably optimistic and were able to spend more time engaging with the guests. It’s the same with clients and candidates relationships, looking back pre covid all business seemed to be a little rushed.

Yes it’s a different pace now but the upside is we have more time to develop better relationships and have more meaningful conversations which will inevitably result in better business and relationships all round.

Graham Townley, Founder & Chief Evangelist

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