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“Are you happy”?? This is a common question everyone continually asks themselves and each other.

Thinking back it’s a topic that would come up in conversation with nearly every candidate when they were considering leaving a job or looking for a new one. Ask around and many would say that a major goal of life is to be happy. This is what we most want for our families, friends and ourselves.

Though throughout the last six months something has changed. More recently I have begun to notice a shift in what people are talking about when discussing their life and careers.

In a lot of my conversations now I am hearing “I am looking for something of meaning.” This over everything else. People are looking ahead more and thinking what they can do now that will make a difference in the future.

And that’s a big part of what meaningfulness is – ‘future looking’. Choosing something of meaning can be stressful and challenging in the present though it can be extremely rewarding in the long term.

Doing something of meaning is often centred around giving to others. As there are not as many opportunities available now due to the economic climate taking a more meaningful approach to life and career to me seems like the right way to go.

Graham Townley, Founder & Chief Evangelist

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