Today’s business landscape is complex and changing fast and the world of recruitment is more exciting than ever.

Navigating and manoeuvring it is critical and a combination of soft and hard skills is often at the heart of this.

Having a mentor provides an opportunity to gain an understanding of the best ways to accomplish this.

At the early stages of my career I was fortunate to have a couple of mentors that looking back now made a significant impact on the rest of my career and life.

Over the years I have been asked countless times by those who work in hospitality how to begin a career in recruitment.

Transitioning from operations to recruitment is tough, takes time and requires one to one coaching to get it right.

I have launched a boutique, grass-roots academy for those in the hospitality industry who want a career in recruitment.

This will be completely free with a potential job opportunity with Recruitment Evangelists.

Partnered with the CIPD, our approach to learning is focused on coaching and mentoring.

If you are genuinely interested in joining the world of recruitment and want to take a long-term approach to making that transition please get in touch.