The Drumbeat For A Four-Day Workweek Is Getting Louder.

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Work from home (WFH), 6 hour days, 4 day weeks, unlimited holiday. These daily conversations were happening in the workplace across all industries pre-covid.

Many companies were embracing this new way of working, others were more reluctant. Fast forward six months and the scale has been tipped astronomically to the other end of the scale.

The fact is everyone likes to work differently though the bigger the organisation the harder it is to accommodate everyones personal style of working. So naturally every company has to strike their own balance.

With less money around during this time to pay pre-covid salaries, the four day week is one way companies can continue to keep and attract top talent whilst reducing their labour costs.

The research is pretty clear on the four-day work week -companies get productivity improvements and see fewer sick days. I am not sure if even this is a big enough incentive for people to come back to the office/cities like before though we need to start somewhere.

One thing we are certain off as we enter the the workplace again, covid has reshaped the way employers hire and retain talent for the foreseeable future.

Graham Townley, Founder & Chief Evangelist

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