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Recruitment Evangelists was founded from a deep passion to serve the hospitality industry with people and HR at the heart of our business. In short, we understand hospitality, we love this industry and the people in it. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide staffing solutions that help you cope with the additional recruitment demands the industry can place on your business and team, and make it work.

Recruitment Evangelists strive to consistently deliver new standards in hospitality recruitment — professional service, with that personal touch. Our approach is for total commitment, integrity and confidentiality – a true partnership with our clients and candidates alike.

The hospitality industry never sleeps, and at its core are people. The need to keep your business moving is crucial to its success, every second a position remains unfilled costs you in lost productivity or lost opportunity.

Recruitment Evangelists always operates with a sense of urgency and a focus on matching exceptional talent to our clients, with unique knowledge, rich networks and reputation in the hospitality Industry. We work with independently-owned businesses the same way we do with large organizations.

We Sing your Praises

As Evangelists in hospitality recruitment, we have a deep commitment to advocating your organisation to attract the best people and keep your business moving.

We place hospitality personnel including:

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“Evangelism” became a business buzzword during the internet boom of the late 1990s. In fact, as Apple’s second software evangelist, Guy Kawasaki helped popularize the term. The idea is simple: Derived from a Greek word that means, roughly, “to proclaim good news,” evangelism is explaining to the world how your product or service can improve people’s lives…


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