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Throughout my career both in operations and recruitment I have always naturally worked with HR professionals internally and externally.

When I founded Recruitment Evangelists I had a long term vision to bring recruitment and HR closer together and eventually as one service.

To understand the science behind HR I enrolled on an extensive HR course (which I have almost completed) and joined the CIPD community.

You see traditionally recruiters tend to be focused on bringing on the right people to fill positions as they arise and HR professionals tend to be focused on training, developing and retaining talent.

Both are equally vital to any organisation and working closely together these two departments can help their companies attract and retain key talent by streamlining the hiring process, developing a consistent onboarding strategy and building a strong employer reputation.

Its been well documented this year those working in HR have been put through their paces, working round the clock and recruitment has been put on pause for many companies. Though with the recent news of a vaccine roll-out it is recruitment that is now at the centre of long-term strategy plans and conversations.

By offering one year guarantees on all of our successful hires we strategically position ourselves in the long-term success of each and every candidate.

When recruitment and HR work together it ensures that there is no difference in the treatment of people as they move from being applicants to being employees.

I believe that onboarding marks the transition from recruiting to HR, which strongly suggests that they should work together to ensure that this transition process is as seamless as possible.

A lack of a proper onboarding program can have a disastrous impact with almost a quarter of all new hires quitting their jobs within their probationary period.

As we start to rebuild our industries again HR and recruitment now have the perfect opportunity to position themselves at the very core of business; working closing together, attracting, retaining and developing the very best talent in the market.

Published by Graham Townley, Founder & Chief Evangelist

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